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Salem Community School Corporation

Students of Salem Community Schools’ have outstanding opportunities to pursue academics and develop skills for success in a safe and caring environment.   SCS works to provide its students a better way to learn, to prepare for a career, to make friends, and to achieve the high expectations our community holds for K-12 education. The district has enjoyed the stability of moderate growth over the years and maintained a solid financial history. Indications of the community’s strong support of education for its youth are evident in its 21st Century facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and numerous partnerships with parents and community groups.

SCS includes the townships of Gibson, Jefferson, Monroe and Washington. Salem Community School Corporation students attend Salem High School, Salem Middle School, Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary or Bradie Shrum Lower Elementary. All four schools are located on the nearly 100-acre SCS campus on the north west edge of Salem, along with an administrative offices, alternative school, maintenance buildings and athletic facilities.

Salem Community School Corp
500 N. Harrison Street
Salem, IN  47167

Phone: 812-883-4437
Website: www.salemschools.com
More Info: Indiana Dept. of Education 2011-2012 Report Card for Salem Community Schools

Salem Community School Board Members:

At Large    Diana Armstrong Apple     220 W. Wendy Lane, Salem IN 47167    2016
At Large    Tricia Wheeler            2126 N. State Rd. 135, Salem IN 47167    2014
At Large    Todd Ewen                 2660 E. Quaker Ln. Salem IN 47167    2014
At Large    Erika Garloch             2497 N. New Hope Rd. Salem IN 47167    2016
At Large    Mark “Bubba” Abbott       2347 S. James St. Salem IN 47167    2016
At Large    Steven R. Motsinger       1540 W. Becks Mill Rd. Salem IN 47167    2016
At Large    Jason Pepmeier            201 W. Wendy Ln. Salem IN 47167    2014


West Washington School Corporation


West Washington School Corporation is committed to equipping our students with the tools they need for academic, personal and social achievement.

West Washington School Corporation enables every student to reach his or her highest potential by establishing a curriculum that meets or exceeds government standards for education; providing extracurricular programs that develop children’s’ mental, physical and social skills; and partnering with parents and the community to create an environment geared to the success of our students.

West Washington School Corp School District
8026 West Batt Rd.
Campbellsburg, IN 47108-9454

Phone: 812-755-4872
Website: www.WestWashingtonSchools.org
More Info: Indiana Department of Education 2011-2012 Report Card for West Washington School Corporation

West Washington Community School Board Members:
Brown Twp.        James L. Brown (Secretary)          11329 W. Jim Brown Rd. Campbellsburg IN 47108 Term Ends  2014
Howard Twp.       Leslie E. Batt                              6416 W. Vincennes Trail, Salem IN 47167    Term Ends 2014
Madison Twp.       William R. VanCleave                    4526 S. Bridgewater Rd. Orleans IN 47452   Term Ends 2016
Posey Twp.          Brian Farmer (Vice President)        10780 S. State Rd. 66, Hardinsburg IN 47125   Term Ends 2016
Vernon Twp.        Matthew Deaton                         1412 N. Hammond Rd. Salem IN 47167   Term Ends 2016
Town of Campbellsburg    James E. Hughes               185 S. Sycamore St., Campbellsburg IN 47108 Term Ends 2014
At Large               Rick D. Roberts (President)           8425 N. Spangler Hill Rd., Campbellsburg IN 47108   Term Ends 2014



East Washington School Corporation

The mission of East Washington School Corporation is to continuously improve the system of teaching and learning that results in increased achievement for all students. Our vision is to achieve excellence in education.

East Washington School Corporation is near the town of Pekin, Indiana. The East Washington School Corporation consists of 4 townships - Franklin, Pierce, Polk, and Jackson - all located in the southeast corner of Washington County. The corporation is comprised of one elementary school (K-4), one middle school (5-8), and one high school (9-12). 

East Washington School Corporation has performed above the state average on the ISTEP assessment since 2010.  Our corporation has also remained at or above state average on our graduation rate since 2007.

East Washington School Corporation
1050 N. Eastern School Rd.
Pekin, IN 47165

Phone:  812-967-3926
Website: http://ewsc.k12.in.us/
More Information: Indiana Dept. of Education 2011-2012 Report Card for East Washington School Corporation

East Washington Community School Board Members:

Franklin Twp.         Linda S. McClellan        8329 E. State Rd. 160, Salem IN 47167    Term Ends 2014
Jackson Twp.        Cecil Shrout                11428 S. Palmyra Rd. P.O. Box 558 Palmyra IN 47164   Term Ends 2014
Pierce Twp.          Brian R. Motsinger        3676 S. Cauble Rd. Salem IN 47167   Term Ends 2014
Polk Twp.             David Churchman         11034 E. North Honey Run Rd. Pekin IN 47165   Term Ends 2016
Town of Pekin       Sue Jane Miller            295 E. Poplar St. Pekin IN 47165   Term Ends 2016