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Treasurer's Office

The Office of Treasurer is a Constitutional Office with the Treasurer acting as the custodian of all money belonging to the county. Under Indiana Code 5-13-7-6, the Local Board of Finance, which includes the County Board of Commissioners and the County Treasurer, reviews overall investment policy of the county.

Treasurer's Responsibilities Include:

  • Custodian of all money belonging to the county.
  • The Treasurer shall receive all money coming to the county, and disburse the same on the proper orders issued and attested by the county auditor.
  • Monthly balance and prove all records at close of proceeding month.
  • Monthly prepare monthly financial statement. File 3 copies of financial report: copy each for Treasurer, Auditor, and State Board of Accounts.
  • Monthly reconcile with statement prepared by county auditor.
  • Monthly check depository statements and prepare reconcilement with each depository.(Depository is a Bank or Financial Institutuion).
  • Advance of Taxes to other units of government within county (i.e. schools, library, townships).

Investment of monies:

Certificate of Deposit 
Federal Discount Note
Repurchase agreement with bank
Money Market Mutual Funds

Record of Tax Duplicates of:

Real Estate Tax Statement
Conservancy Tax Statement
License Excise Tax Receipt
Personal Property Tax Statement
Personal Property Tax Judgment

Record of:

Warrant Receipt Registers 
Fund Ledgers
Taxes Collected
Surplus Tax Fund
Delinquent Taxes
Inheritance Tax
Government Employee Listing

Collection of taxes: 

These taxes are collected two (2) times a year, with the deadlines being May 10th and November 10th.

Tax Breakdown:

Real Estate
Personal Property
Mobile Home

Taxing Units:

001 Brown
002 Franklin
003 Gibson
004 Howard
005 Jackson
006 Jefferson
007 Madison
008 Monroe
009 Pierce
010 Polk
011 Posey
012 Vernon
013 Washington
014 Campbellsburg
015 Fredericksburg
016 Hardinsburg
017 Little York
018 Livonia
019 Pekin-Pierce
020 Pekin-Polk
021 Saltillo
022 Salem
301 Delaney Creek
302 Elk Creek
303 Muddy Fork
304 Twin Rush

Additional Records and Collections of Monies:

Innkeeper Tax
Inheritace Tax
Delinquent Tax

Additional Services Include:

Alcohol Beverage Permits
Mobile Home Moving & Title Transfer Permits


Washington County Treasurer
99 Public Square, Suite #101
Salem, IN 47167 

Phone: 812-883-3307 

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm

Office Contact:
Shirley Batt - Treasurer

Additional Information:
Property Assessment Cards Online