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clickherelogoThe Washington County Health Department Environmental Health Environmentalist will cover a variety of other complaints in the county. They will inspect and determine if a complaint can be handled in their jurisdiction. Other complaints will be forwarded on to the appropriate agency for their review.
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Animal Bites
Extension 2004

According to Indiana Law, all animal bites are to be reported to the local Health Department. If you are bitten by any animal, whether a pet, stray, or wild animal, please report it by calling 812-883-5603, Extension 2004. If a pet, the biting animal must be quarantined for 10 days and checked for annual rabies vaccines. If the animal has not had its annual rabies shot, the owner will be given 10 additional days to get it. Wild animals or strays may be tested for rabies, if necessary.
Click here for more information about rabies.

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How to Handle a Bite
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