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Environmental Services

ecologoThe Environmental Health section issues permits for private sewage disposal systems and inspects new construction of private sewage ecologodisposal systems. They also provide consultation for private water supplies. The environmentalists investigate complaints of septic system failures that contribute to land pollution. They also provide information on health hazards such as improper solid and hazardous waste disposal. They work closely with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Indiana State Department of Health.

Septic System Information

The Washington County Environmentalists inspect all residential septic system sites in the county prior to construction and after installation. If you are dealing with a commercial site, State approval must be granted before proceeding. You may call the Health Department for more information.

Food Establishment Services
The Washington County Health Department Environmental Health Environmentalist covers all food service establishments in the county. They inspect all food service establishments including food stores, caterers and mobile food service establishments. They also provide consultation for remodeling and new construction of food establishments. In addition to they duties, they investigate consumer complaints of food products and food poisoning.
Food Services Information

The Washington County Health Department Food Specialist covers all food service establishments in the county. The Food Specialist can be contacted Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. at 812/883-5603, Extension 2003 or at times outside of this period by leaving a message at that extension.