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Child Support


If your driver’s, hunting, fishing, professional, or other license has been suspended because you owe child support, the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office is offering a new program that may allow you to get your license reinstated.

Your license may be reinstated if the following conditions are met:

  1. You make a payment of a lump sum equivalent to eight (8) weeks of the child support order;
  2. You notify our office that you have made the lump sum payment by calling (812) 883-6560; and
  3. We make confirmation that the lump sum payment has been made. 

Once you have met the above conditions, we will activate the reinstatement of your license.  Your license will remain active so long as your payments remain current under the order.    

TITLE IV-D Program

 Title IV-D of the Social Security Act requires every state to administer programs that establish paternity, child support, and medical support for children whose parents are not married; Title IV-D also mandates that states provide a means to enforce certain child support court orders. In the State of Indiana, county prosecutors administer these programs and services. You may contact the Washington County Child Support Division at (812) 883-6569.

 The Washington County Prosecutor’s Office collects over $1 million in child support for the children of Washington County every year.


 The Washington County Child Support Division provides the following services: 

  • Establishment of paternity for children whose parents are not married.
  • Establishment and enforcement of court orders for the payment of child support.
  • Establishment and enforcement of medical support orders.
  • Collection and enforcement of current child support and child support arrearages.
  • Review and modification of current support orders.
  • Locating non-custodial parents for the purpose of establishing or enforcing orders

There is no fee for these services. If you are interested in any of the services offered, you are encouraged to fill out our Enrollment Form. You may also obtain an application at our office or at the Washington County Clerk’s office. Once you have completed the application, please submit it to the Washington County Child Support Division.