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Criminal Case Filings

Any charge that involves alcohol, drugs or non-support of dependents is filed in the Superior Court. All other criminal charges are assigned to Circuit Court pursuant to Local Rule 1. At the initial hearing defendants are advised of their rights and deadline dates, pretrial dates and Trial dates are set. Defendants must appear for all court dates. Defendants who are found to be indigent may have an attorney appointed to represent them. It is recommended that a defendant speak with an attorney within ten (10) days in a misdemeanor case or within twenty (20) days in a felony case to avoid missing any important deadlines. An attorney is not required to complete a case, although it is recommended due to the complexity of the law.

Felony defendants will automatically be entitled to a trial by Jury. Misdemeanor defendants are entitled to a trial by Jury, but must ask for a Jury Trial at least 10 days prior to the first trial date.

Upon a conviction, any fees shall be paid through the Clerk’s Office in the Washington County Justice Center. Washington County Local Rules determine in which Court cases will be filed.

The Washington County Bond Schedule may allow some defendants to bond out of jail prior to their court hearings, subject to strict Conditions for Release on Bond.