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Civil Court Cases

Civil cases are filed in the Clerk’s Office in the Washington County Justice Center. No preprinted forms are provided for these cases and the parties must comply with strict rules and deadlines as set out in the Indiana Trial Rules and Indiana Rules of Evidence. A filing fee must be paid at the time of filing.

The types of civil cases include

  •  Civil Tort – Based upon negligent or intentional acts or omissions.
  • Civil Plenary – Including contract actions.
  • Civil Collection – Based upon debts, accounts, and promissory notes.
  • Mortgage Foreclosure – Relating to promissory notes secured by mortgages on real property.
  • Protective Orders – Some victims of threats, harassment, and stalking may request an immediate court order to prevent or indirect contact. In some cases the court may require a court hearing to continue the order. To see the laws relating to protective orders see: I.C. 34-26-5I.C. 31-34I.C. 31-37I.C. 33-14-1-7I.C. 35-33-8-3.2I.C. 35-38-2-2.3I.C. 34-26-6